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Print String(50, "-") & "Initial my_ado Result Set " & String(50, "-") For Each fld In rs.

Open "select * from my_ado", conn, ad Open Dynamic, ad Lock Optimistic rs.

In simple words it is a space where your data is been stored.

You'll find extensive coverage of these controls in Chapters 5 through 9.

Once you know what changes the user wants to make, your program must then provide code for updating the database.

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Execute "INSERT INTO my_ado(id,name,txt) values(3,300,'Delete')" Set rs = New ADODB. Cursor Location = ad Use Server 'fetch the initial table ..

Print String(50, "-") & "Updated my_ado Result Set " & String(50, "-") For Each fld In rs.

Chapter 19 demonstrated how to retrieve data from a database and display it in various ways.

We will not get into more detailed explanation about the database but just a breif for undertsanding.

Database is a collection of data stored in a computer disc space or server space.

Field Dim sql As String 'connect to My SQL server using Connector/ODBC Set conn = New ADODB. Connection String = "DRIVER=;"_ & "SERVER=localhost;"_ & " DATABASE=test;"_ & "UID=venu; PWD=venu; OPTION=3" conn. Execute "INSERT INTO my_ado(id,name,txt) values(1,100,'venu')" conn. Execute "INSERT INTO my_ado(id,name,txt) values(2,200,'My SQL')" conn.

Execute "CREATE TABLE my_ado(id int not null primary key, name varchar(20)," _ & "txt text, dt date, tm time, ts timestamp)" 'direct insert conn.

To keep the focus on the database issues, the examples in this chapter show very little of the user interface.

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