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The agricultural settlements of the Boers economically dislocated the pastoral Khoikhoi in Table Bay, who were forced to serve as servants due to their loss of grazing land.

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Britain later formally annexed the Cape and later passed the Slave Trade Act 1807.

It was enforced from 1808, ending the external slave trade.

That increased greatly the next year, when the Dutch captured a Portuguese slaver with 500 Angolan slaves, and 250 were taken to the Cape.

The process was enhanced when settler colonialism commenced when former Dutch East India Company officials were granted land lots.

Slaves were permitted to be traded only within the colony.

At the same time, Parliament passed a series of acts known as the amelioration laws designed to provide better living conditions for slaves.Eventually, van Riebeeck forcibly enslaved Africans for work in the Cape Colony.In April 1657, there were ten slaves in the settlement, from a population of 144.The first slave, Abraham van Batavia arrived in 1653 ("van Batavia" meaning "from Batavia", the name of Jakarta during the Dutch colonial period), and shortly afterward, a slaving voyage was undertaken from the Cape to Mauritius and Madagascar.Initially, many Khoikhoi leaders of the area voluntarily traded slaves with the European settlers for the Atlantic slave trade in exchange for access to European goods and firearms.Slaves in the Dutch colonies were given poor food, subject to poor living conditions, and punished with whipping for fleeing or disobeying orders.

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