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They usually enjoy traveling abroad and experiencing different cultures, so life with them wouldn’t be boring!

Hi OP, I'm an American guy dating (living with now) a British girl.

Most of the answers here are based off stereotypes: there's really not much difference, except the accent. This article rings true for me as a Brit living and dating (trying to) in the US.

I thought he was being a bit greedy, but by day 3 I didn’t care, I was too hungry so say no and wait to be asked again. Mum is a very good cook, and a very generous one too, and she always cooks an extra portion for fear of being short but then she doesn’t want leftovers, meaning we all have to have a extra spoonful. And God help the person who ever tells me “What you have to do is…” What do you think?

My dad used to insist that my English boyfriend had to try again, as he couldn’t conceive he didn’t like it. A note from Daniel – I hope you enjoyed these tips about dating British men.

The difference between two given guys' personality will be far greater than any difference in nationality. Also, its much more accepted for US men (by US society) to be "players" and lead women on.

If/when US women are used to this UK men can come off as clingy.

He's told me a few times before that the American "dating scene" is very bizarre to him.

The whole thing where people seek out relative strangers, "ask them out", go on one or a series of dates, decide if it's worth pursuing, etc.

We met for the first time a month ago and now want to start dating.

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