Another friend dating mayo

, most of) the good things in one place: fried starch coated in a fatty, eggy sauce.

It’s partly the chemistry of ingredients complementing each other perfectly.

(Unlike French fries and a certain other sauce.) You think, for a few minutes anyway, that maybe this is what the good life feels like.

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Which is to say, like over an overpoweringly, cloying sweet glop.

This is fine if you want to get punched in the palate or just to eat ketchup.

Beeline to Pommes Frites, the Belgian fry specialist where sauces include traditional mayo and roasted garlic aïoli, or Home Frite, which serves lemon-garlic aïoli and malt-vinegar aïoli.

Keith Mc Nally restaurants like Balthazar and Lucky Strike aren’t on mayo automatic, but they have ramekins ready.

Not so ideal, unless you’re really stoned and/or it’s stuffed into a gyro.

(Now, that’s an idea.) There’s no need to spruce the mayo up, but if you’re so inclined to add spice or, say, roast garlic, why not? In New York, there are plenty of places to indulge in this habit.

Many Americans still seem to be as behind in this matter as in many other important issues. ” one Cut writer responded, “Ketchup, mayo is gross,” to which Grub retorted, “You’re gross.” Infuriatingly, a ’s resident barfly each answered, “Both!

” — which Grub begrudgingly accepted; our barfly gets mayo if she has a salad or “something vaguely acidic to cut through fat.” One friend of Grub says she hates mayo, while another answered oddly, “BBQ.” From this rigorous survey, it’s clear that some people still have bad taste, though some progress has been made.

Funding for the hire of the specialist team was secured under the National Anti-Dumping Initiative.

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