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It could be the case that a recent update for your network adapter doesn't work in the current version of Windows 10.

To check if your network adapter driver is up to date, do the following: If Windows Update doesn't have any new drivers available, you should also check your computer manufacturer support website to download the latest driver.

However, on Windows 10, unlike previous versions, updates are mandatory.

Additional network troubleshooting steps you can try include restarting the router, trying a different network cable between your PC and router (or turning off Wi-Fi and trying a wired connection), and testing the connection to the internet with another computer.

Windows 10 includes a Network troubleshooter to diagnose and repair a number of connectivity problems.

However, it may delete settings or drivers implemented after the restore point was created.

To proceed, select your version of Windows and follow the steps.

To roll back the previous driver, do the following: Once you completed the steps, open your web browser and try to navigate to different websites to see if your computer can access the internet.

In the case that your network adapter stopped working immediately after installing an update, you could try manually uninstalling the network adapter driver, and then letting the operating system try to install the most up to date driver.Unfortunately, when the system restore points are deleted or removed, they cannot be recovered.Windows 10 gets regular updates to patch any security vulnerability and to improve the overall functionality of the operating system.Of course, if you can't connect to the internet, you'll need to do this from another computer with an internet connection, and then save the driver on an external drive and manually install it on your computer.After completing the steps, use your web browser to verify you have a working internet connection.If you cannot boot into normal Windows mode at all, you may need to run through the following steps through Windows Safe Mode.

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