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The holding company S-corp would have issued just two K-1s, one to the husband, and one to the wife; they are the owners of the S-corp, 50/50.Then the results of the group of business entities, all with the same ownership, would have carried over to the Form 1040 for the husband and wife.

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First and most important: is it illegal or unethical to now create the amendment that should have been created early on in year 2012, and to make it effective as of the first of the year (backdate it), thus making it possible to file a consolidated return?

Likewise, the same question for backdating similar amendments for the entities that were startups later on in year 2012?

This included options backdating presented in offer letters to new hires.

Annual and quarterly reports filed by the company did not include the compensation costs that stemmed from the options backdating incidents.

Disordered, untimely paperwork was cited as the cause in some cases of unintentional backdating.

Initially, lax enforcement of the reporting rule was also blamed for allowing many companies to sidestep the rule adjustment that stemmed from Sarbanes-Oxley.

The legal complaint alleged that from 1993 to 2006, the former CEO and the former chief accounting officer directed the company to engage in schemes to provide undisclosed compensation to executives and certain employees. Lin was accused of backdating stock option documents in order to give the appearance that options were granted on earlier dates than issued.

This scheme was allegedly used to the benefit of officers and employees of the company as well as its directors.

The problem is that, I believe, to enable this scenario to become reality, there should have been an amendment made to the original operating agreement for each of the six LLCs indicating a transfer of ownership from the husband and wife, to the S-corp, which is also owned 50/50 by the husband and wife.

As I understand it, this amendment should have been created and signed immediately after the original agreement so that this ownership would have been in effect for the entire year, or since inception in the case of the new entities.

The SEC would go on to investigate and sue companies and related parties that were found to backdate options, in some cases, as part of fraudulent and deceptive schemes.

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