Backdating insurance

She attempted to get over on her side but the snow groove was too deep and she could not get out of it.

The trucker saw what was happening and he applied his brakes attempting to get his truck stopped but to no avail.

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Some policies with farming exposure will have provisions for covering newly acquired equipment with that equipment being duly noted at audit time with premium being collected back to date of purchase and charge for in the new policy period.

New land or residence may also have coverage automatically applied during policy period which should be accounted for at renewal.

It has become very popular for insurance companies to provide package policies for their clients, so effective dates need to be paid attention to.

For example, the policy period will be noted on the declaration page of your policy showing inception date of 05/01/2018 and expiration date of 05/01/2019.

He showed me the paperwork for the purchasing of the vehicle and we discovered they had purchased the vehicle almost two months ago.

All that I had told him about being able to help went for naught.

His wife and son had been involved in a head on collision with a beer distributor truck in the early afternoon.

They were traveling east on a snow covered road and the beer distributor truck was going west.

If the wording on your policy states “continuous,” then the policy will automatically renew with coverages being exactly the same as the previous policy period.

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