Battlenet profile not updating Free no log in text chat

Hello There appears to be an issue getting pet collections via the API.

The following link shows 1092 Unique Pets

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Visit Stack Exchange If you know the exact battletag you can visit the official site: There you will find a nice diablo oriented display of all the important and more or less unimportant stats including but not limited to: Equipment, followers, playtime and enemies killed.

However if you don't know the exact battletag you can visit the semi official site Here you can just look for the player name whithout the #numberhere.

The original purpose of this site is displaying a ranking based on different aspects of the game so it's not as well designed as the official D3 Website but has a clean structure for the competitve aspect of the game.

Note: Each Blizzard Account is allowed *one* free Battle Tag change.

Battle Tag Change Information on the Battle Tag Change service.There's nothing we can do about this, so you should try again later.My console is connected to my Account, but when I login on your site I can't click 'Profile'.On PC, you can force your stats to update on Blizzard's servers by closing Overwatch and hitting the Update button on your Master Overwatch profile.If your stats are still not updating after closing the game then it is likely that there are issues with Blizzard's servers. We require a minimum of 25 games played for each leaderboard, or 10 games played for each competitive leaderboard.However if you type in "Killer" you will see many different users with the Battletag (Killer#1234, Killer#2341 etc.).

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