Berry backdating

By us setting which consists of the module was created: chambers of maintenances, refrigeration machine and stand mounted for it are from CMI for measuring of basic indexes of process.

The direct and no right measuring of regime parameters were conducted.

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At the same time at storage of preliminary frappe berry possibly already on the second time of lowering of the thermal loading to the parameters of the stationary mode and support of it during all of period of book-mark of products on storage.

Most stationary depositories intended for the protracted storage of products.

Mainly it is depositories, placed in a direct closeness from gardens, berry patches, plantations and attendant at once a few peasant and farmer economies.

Cooling’s of fruit, berries and vine more frequent conduct storage of stationary refrigerators in chambers. Together with chambers for refrigeration storage they include chambers for the previous cooling, which provide cooling of products to the temperature of storage for 20 hours at the volume of receipt of it to a 10% capacity of chambers.

He was stripped of his 2014 World Championships silver medal.

“These few months have been tough for me,” Lee said, according to The Associated Press.

The feature of method of improvement of quality of storage by the conduct of operation of blowing out of frappe air a ventilator through the layer of berries is that ventilators can be disposed as with gen a stack with products so directly in intervals between stacks.

Thus small suction ventilators create streams into stacks with products.

If you decide to include ‘back to day one cover’ then you still need to be off work for 30 days for the plan to become eligible for a payout but the insurer will ‘backdate’ the claim to ‘day one’, so that the benefit effectively starts accumulating from day one.

What this means is that if you select a 30 day deferment period with the back to day one option selected then the first payment will be received on day 31, rather than on day 61 without the back to day one option.

The previous cooling of berries is a process of rapid drop in their temperature from initial (after harvesting) to necessary in the adjusted for this purpose hard wares at subsequent technological operations.

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