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Theatre scholar Jordan Schildcrout has written about the recurrence of the "homicidal homosexual" in American plays, but notes that LGBT playwrights themselves have appropriated this negative stereotype to confront and subvert homophobia.

Many 20th-century films put a negative connotation on the lesbian community.

On the other hand, LGBT members continue to be underrepresented and typecast.

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and organizations like Keshet continue to work with Jewish members of the community both to raise awareness of LGBTQ issues in Jewish communities and Jewish issues in LGBTQ communities.

"Bury your gays" and more specifically "dead lesbian syndrome" describe the trope in fiction that requires that gay or lesbian characters die or meet another unhappy ending, such as becoming insane.

The 1961 drama The Children's Hour gives viewers the idea that lesbians live a "dark" and almost depressing lifestyle.

However, by the 21st century, the media was portraying lesbians in a more positive light.

Other companies such as 20th Century Fox, Sony, Lionsgate and Warner Bros have featured LGBT characters in up to only 21% of their films.

LGBT rights activists have fought against fictional representations of LGBT people that depict them as violent and murderous.

For instance, in the popular lesbian television series The L Word the media refutes the "U-Haul" lesbian stereotype, which is that lesbians move in on the second date.

The show depicts a lesbian couple that starts a family and stays together long term.

The series also adds elements of hypocrisy, as the former lesbian pornographic actress Faye Buckley is depicted as the leader of a fanatic religious group that persecutes other homosexuals in order to save her own image.

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