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Men date Borderlines because women with BPD are usually attractive.

Inexperienced men jump through all the hoops because they are desperate for her. We all want to fall in love with a beautiful women.

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Are you in a relationship with someone suffering from Borderline Personality Disorder and you're trying to figure out what's going on?

Have you just gotten out of a relationship with someone suffering from BPD and you're confused, sad and wish that your partner could understand how you really feel about them? Enjoy the journey, the stories, the songs, videos and the changes one makes as they become whole.

If a change in your mentality improves your BPD relationship, would you want that? I should take her back and we can work on it.” It’s a horrible mindset to excuse behavior based on a label.

For example, labeling someone as BPD is a bad mindset. Because you’ll find reasons to excuse bad behavior in the name of BPD. Not only are you enabling her, but you are also making her a worse person! It’s crucial that you develop strong, powerful mindsets.

But, the reality is that you’ll encounter complications in all relationships. Yet all studies show that relationships and social skills are at an all-time low. Because 97% of men lack mental and emotional control.

The man who fails with BPD women sets himself up for failure. Because you can avoid 90% of the problems you experience. My goal with this website and my training is to teach you from my experience. Instead of the man having control over his mind, the mind controls him!

Now, I'm nearly ten years out of that life, but that one was pretty frigging traumatic. Either way, they both said things that were way hurtful, way mean, way too much for one to say to another lover.

In future posts, look for a formal definition of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, how it happens, what the repercussions are, etc.

All you have to do is take a quick visit to any community forum and you’ll see associated words such as: And so on and so forth. You’ll find these issues in almost everybody these days. It’s a terrible mindset to walk about throwing labels on people. Thus, You need to keep in mind that your girlfriend has her own unique upbringing and life experiences. If you can’t do this, then the relationship will never improve. But, experienced men know the push/pull cycle works in your favor. You have to be mature enough to learn about it and want to do your part to make the relationship work. And I would like you to know it is NOT impossible to date us. Most individuals who struggle with BPD relationships have a form of attachment disorder. My mission with this website is to help you avoid the land mines.

If you’re unaware of BPD, you’ll assume you have a “crazy” girlfriend. You’ll always be seeking a fantasy that never comes to fruition. What he currently receives from his partner isn’t enough. To understand women is to understand how they communicate on an emotional level. This is what a centered man with great mindsets brings to the table. It is POSSIBLE that you are very judgmental and not understanding what the disorder is. I want you to make it through the minefield unscathed.

I know every article on the internet tells you to run from borderline women, but I do things differently around these parts.

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