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She does not hesitate to flaunt her love in social media.Kacy shares a selfie with her boyfriend Dave She has also been signed by the very esteemed WWE.In the first leg, Jordan Pious recognized her, and immediately started mocking her behind her back with Carol & Brandy.

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This gave him the credibility and the recognition to build his own coaching business which he started in 2006.

“Change your relationship with yourself, change your life.” "Everything is actually quite simple, we are the ones who overcomplicate things." "The process of pursuing, always controls you." “The difference that makes the difference is indifference” Brent grew up in New York, where he has spent most of his life, with manhattan and the hamptons being two of his favorite play locations.

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Brent Horne and Lauren Caitlin "Caite" Upton are a team of Dating Models on The Amazing Race 16.

It seems like Kacy is content and blessed in both her professional and love life while Brent, on the other hand, has been very secluded about his love life.

Brent was born on July 18, 1980, in San Antonio, TX.Later this company became "Brent Smith Lifestyle", with the goal of improving lifestyle.In 2012 Brent began moving further away from dating towards helping men more generally to become more inspired and build a better lifestyle for themselves.Only he can clear the fact that he is single or is just keeping is dating affair off limits.While Kacy on the other hand already found her man named Dave Reid who happens to be an athlete himself.Caite spent the next twelve legs arguing with both Brandy & Carol, and eventually Brent.

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