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The members dress radically, usually wearing cloaks and displaying long facial hair.

According to a recent article in , a Turkish newspaper, some of the AKP members are engaged in business deals with the Ismailaga Community and six ministers of the AKP and the Prime Minister of Turkey have close ties with the Iskenderpasa Community -another branch of the Naksibendi cult.

However, it is common knowledge that one of the main reasons the AKP has been elected twice in a row is the coalescence of all the religious organizations in Turkey around their vote.

They became easier to confuse with the work of the religious communities.

Based at the Ismail Aga Mosque in Istanbul, this movement is affiliated with the Naksibendi cult and is led by Mahmut Ustaosmanoglu.

Turkey harbours more than 21 religious movements and each has more than 100,000 members.

No one in Turkey can deny these movements’ longstanding commitment to such ventures as building schools, dormitories, helping the poor.

On March 4, 2010, when Mahmut Ustaosmanoglu’s nephew, Saadettin Ustaosmanoglu, was a guest on CNNTurk - he acknowledged that some members have been involved in business transactions with the AKP government – normal enough you may say, since they are simply soliciting business from the people who got their votes.

But he added, “the AKP should protect the Ismail Aga community because it received its support in the elections.” Although the Ismail Aga community has a distinctive appearance, it mostly concentrates on its political and commercial affiliations, justifying those involvements by showing its support for the AKP.Avci reported the activities of this group several times to the Ministry of Internal Affairs.When he got no response, he decided to write a book.According to Cihaner, the former Justice Minister of the AKP tried to convince him to drop his case.Then, on February 16, 2010, Cihaner was arrested and charged with being a member of the Ergenekon organization. Avci is a nationalist-conservative police chief who once had close ties with the FGH, sending his children to FGH-affiliated schools.The Menzil movement is one of very few apolitical religious movements in Turkey.

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