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I mean, if you’re wearing a cross, there must be something to it. He only gave her “2 hearts” to her giving him 3 (out of 5 possible hearts).

Interesting question, though: If you’re going to wear a cross, shouldn’t you be proud of it and be able to say so, instead of first admitting you’re “not a religious freak”?

Sometimes our paths intersect with others; sometimes they run parallel.

As a wife, now my job is to help with the sanctification of my husband.

Poland’s Institute of National Remembrance has estimated that at least 2.5 million non-Jewish Poles were murdered by Nazi Germany.

After the Jews, ethnic Poles were the second largest group of Hitler’s victims.notes that when during his (surprisingly successful, I might add) 2010 pilgrimage to the United Kingdom, Pope Benedict XVI lauded the British people for courageously fighting against Nazi Germany, the world’s noisiest .

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I am called to help him in is path toward holiness.

I am not there to make decisions for him, to force him to participate, or fill his world with guilt.

My actual conversion to the faith had very little to do with my husband. When I heard God’s call and told him I was converting, he didn’t make it about him, he knew it was all about God.

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