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We were chatting Judy asked me if Ken was seeing anyone, I said not that I know of why do you ask?

She confided that Ken had not Fucked her in over a year so she figured he was having an affair.

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Judy moved down between my legs unbuckled my belt, lowered my jeans & jockeys, pulled out my cock then slid it into her mouth.

I sat there as she Sucked Hard on it I was enjoying one of the best Blow Jobs I had ever received, her head was bobbing up & down her tongue swirling all around it.

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Being a close friend of Ken's I did know he had Fucked other women but wasn't going to rat him out to his wife.

Judy got up to pour another drink when she came back she leaned in to hand me my glass as she bent down he face was close to mine the next thing I knew she was kissing me.

She continued undressing, unbuckled her belt unbuttoned her tight jeans then slid them off her Wide Hips then down her Big Chunky legs.

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