Chris brown and kelly rowland dating

Breezy in the vibrant visual, which sees the singer dance up a storm as he sets his bedroom agenda.

The former Destiny's Child bandmate has spoken out after she was blasted for appearing to support Chris Brown's controversial comments on black women's hair on his song ' Need a Stack'.

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I think as black people, haven’t we done that for years enough?

“Oh my gosh, if you’re this, than you’re that..” We buy so many products as black women period.

At the time, it appeared another singer was on hand with words of support.

Many users condemned the songstress for appearing to defend Brown and his actions in light of the colourism debate. I was actually giving him credit for, was it a history...?

After the episode, the on-camera chemistry between the two was evident, and Mc Lendon was made the official co-host of The Skorpion Show.

After numerous requests from fans, in 2012 The Skorpion Show store was opened online.Check out excerpts from the interview below: On her genre of music It’s so funny because everybody tried to put me in a box “Oh, so you do dance now.” For me, I don’t allow nobody to do that to me.At the same time I was recording dance music, I was recording “Smooches,” I was recording all these different types of records that were more so urban. They just believe since you’re black, you should do black music, so when you go and try and do something else and that works “Oh, she’s a black girl doing dance music.” Jodie Watley showed us we can do it all, Diana Ross showed us we can do it all.What’s you’re relationship with Mathew Knowles after leaving management with him? He definitely set us up to have great careers, so we’re not mad at that at all and I wish him the best. I think when you grow up, you;re allowed to make decisions on your own and I support every decision Beyonce, Michelle and Solange makes.You’re a beauty dark skin woman; do you ever feel like your darker complexion holds you back in the industry? I think what you think is what you kind of force that thought on people.Kelly Rowland has cleared the air after people blasted her for appearing to support Chris Brown in the midst of his "nice hair" controversy.

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