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But I suppressed things off the court" as well, she says. Her steadiness was too impressive, her precision too riveting.

When she was 15, she beat the number one player in the world, Margaret Court, and over the course of a 17-year career, she won the Australian Open twice, Wimbledon three times, the U. Open six, and the French Open seven times—a modern record. Her winning percentage of 90 percent (1,309-146) has never been matched by any tennis player, male or female.

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Some said Norman was more interested in being famous than in being a husband. I think it'll come when I'm not looking for it, when I'm not trying so hard." She's sitting in a couch on the patio behind her house, a sprawling, red-roofed Mediterranean-style place on five wooded acres in Boca Raton, Florida. Behind the pool is a gym, and to her left is a tennis court and guesthouse.

Others said Chrissie couldn't stand a lesser athlete than herself getting more attention (Norman's golf career had a brief, remarkable resurgence shortly after he hooked up with the retired tennis player). Just outside the front door is the garage, which has been transformed into a half-pipe for her sons to skateboard on.

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In all of women's tennis, there's never been a star quite like Chris Evert. She says she's delighted to have learned her lesson.

"I've had a lot of fear in my life, from fear of flying to fear of making a speech in front of a lot of people." She had fears she didn't even know about and wouldn't discover until years later. "Someone at a press conference would ask, `How'd you feel about your match? I wanted to be `feminine.' Female athletes were rare and considered masculine and not celebrated when I was growing up." She didn't complain, though. "I didn't speak what I felt, I didn't want to be controversial. John said, `If I had been a little bit more like you and you had been a little more like me, it would have been perfect.'" Finally, there were the people who took care of her.

These days, it's accepted wisdom among sports fans and tennis aficionados that many athletic prodigies—especially female tennis players—end up paying a heavy emotional price for their early success and the obsessiveness it took to get them there. ' and I'd say that my opponent played too well, that this was her day. "When you're famous, and number one in the world—you have a manager, a coach, someone handling your money, a secretary, people doing everything for you.In 1990, Jennifer Capriati became the youngest player to crack the top 10, also at 14; a few years later, she was arrested for shoplifting and smoking marijuana. I wanted in the beginning to get his praise and his affection, but I didn't get, `Chrissie, I love you; Chrissie, you look beautiful.' My dad's approach to tennis was, `Don't make errors,' not `That's a beautiful shot.'" When little Chrissie would complain about her father not giving her more love, her mother, Colette, always said, "Oh, that's just the way he is." She also warned Chrissie, "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it." Her legions of fans, and the media people who covered her, praised her politeness and gushed over her demeanor. In many awful ways and for all the wrong reasons, she was the perfect partner for a fine romance. There were dalliances with Burt Reynolds, British rocker and actor Adam Faith, and President Ford's son, Jack. "I had a girlfriend ask him if he would want to go out with her and me to Tramp in London, to go out dancing. That was our first date, and we hit it off." What she didn't know then, she knows now. I had no emotion left when I got home." In 1987, two years after she had been named "Greatest Woman Athlete of the Last 25 Years" by the Women's Sports Foundation, Evert and Lloyd divorced. It was because my dad wasn't talking to me that Martina invited me to Aspen." Martina was, of course, Martina Navratilova, Evert's archrival and close friend.Things seemed more innocent in 1975, when Chrissie became the world's top player at 15. For starters, there was her stoic coach-father, Jimmy, a former tennis pro himself. She married British tennis player John Lloyd in 1979 when she was 24, after she read an article in which he described the loneliness of the professional athlete. "It was doomed from the start, because he was on the men's tour, and I was on the women's tour, and we never saw each other. There was little criticism from Evert's fans (nor was there much blowback after the Mill or Norman divorce: "My fans were always respectful," she says. At a New Year's Eve party in the ski town, at the Hotel Jerome, Evert spotted Olympic ski champion Andy Mill as he walked into the room.Married to Olympic downhill skier Andy Mill for 18 years, with three children, she fell in love with Mill's friend, golfer Greg ("The Great White Shark") Norman. One of us would have had to give up a big part of our life. "But this time, I'm going to have a more independent relationship.Norman's ex-wife has said that Evert pursued the golfer. They were married on Paradise Island, in the Bahamas, in June 2008. "I don't want this to be a slam on Greg, but our lifestyles were different. His priority was to build his business and travel." Since the split, Norman has remarried. Evert hasn't been on so much as a date during that year and a half. If the guy's in New York, I'll fly there, he'll fly here.After a year, a friend mentioned that it sounded like it might be not high blood pressure, but high anxiety. ' " By the time she and her husband did see a therapist, it was too late. "The counselor said, `If you're in love with somebody else, it's not going to work.'" She was, and it didn't.

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