Christina hendricks dating boyfriend mitch hewer dating georgina hagen

My husband appreciates me as I am and doesn’t confuse me with Joan or the person who gets dolled up and walks the red carpet.

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“Oh that’s easy – I’d want to go out just like Thelma and Louise.”When the Sterling Cooper ad agency finally shuts up shop, Christina won’t be short of offers.

“This series has given me the kind of standing that every actor is looking for,” she says.“Now I’m able to audition for film roles that would never have been possible before.

In the beginning the couple was seeing each other together with their mutual friends while finally they went on a date and Christina Hendricks was the first one who said ‘I love you’.

Christina Hendricks stated that from the first sight she fell that she was attracted to him a lot.

“Everyone thought he was so attractive and sexy and wanted to be like him.

But now that his life seems to be falling apart, I don’t think he’s a person that anyone wants to emulate.”Unlike Christina herself, whose voluptuous figure has endeared her to female viewers the world over.

“Joan is an incredibly powerful character,” she continues.

“I’ve loved playing her and I know how very rare it is that you see a woman like that on TV or even in film."She represents the prototype of the single working mother, and for her to have fought her way up in a man’s world is inspiring."She sees and understands so much of what is going on around her – nothing really escapes her, except her own happiness."She wants to help other people, she wants to make sure that she and her child have material security, but she doesn’t make enough time for her personal life.”The final series of Mad Men will be spread over this year and next, so fans needn’t fret just yet.

She worked steadily if unspectacularly through the noughties, racking up TV credits including a short run in ER as a battered wife.

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