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We see a city near failure and we feel obligated to bail them out. Yes, but that need not mean that a percentage of our people are condemned to live in ruin.

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Multi-million dollar bonds to construct large, centralized facilities made more sense before $4 gas.

The reality today is that, no matter how high fuel costs go, we'll be busing kids for miles each way, unable to walk away from these massive investments we've made (no pun intended).

This means loosening the controls we have placed on our cities and towns thus allowing local officials to try different solutions to the problems they face. We hear the report about the one city that does something really stupid and we rush to pass legislation to ensure it never happens anywhere again.

The correct response is not to become more parochial, it is to become less. We see a senseless policy outcome and we create all kinds of rules to deal with it.

And like banks, fewer players will amplify fragility. Consolidating schools is something that has been going on since the early 1900's, but it became one of the "solutions" to the budget problems of the late 1970's and early 1980's.

And while there is little argument that consolidation of schools allows for greater efficiency, it comes at a cost.

A better solution would be to embrace the innovations - and failures - that would come from thousands of local experiments in adapting to our current financial situation.

Our state and local governments are in a bit of a pickle.

This lack of resilience will only be covered up by consolidation, the day of reckoning pushed off and made more difficult as a result.

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