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Too much time together could also make the spark begin to fade. Even if you’re both able to remain professional, it might be torture to see each other day in and day out when all you want to do is heal and move on.You might not always see eye to eye about things at work, which could cause work problems to become problems. Competing for the same projects or promotions could cause serious problems in your relationship; it could also cause one of you to bow out and losing out on great opportunities to grow professionally.Regardless of the pros and cons, most people who find themselves in a co-worker romance have already made the decision that they want to give it a shot.

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If your company handbook doesn’t require a trip to human resources, it’s your call on how to proceed.

“As long as the relationship does not fall into a prohibited liaison and is not creating a disruption to the work, there is no reason for HR to be involved,” says Valerie Keels, a member of the Special Expertise panel of the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM).

Between Dwight and Angela, Andy and Angela, Michael and Jan, Michael and Holly, Andy and Erin, Gabe and Erin, and that one intern and Erin, the Scranton branch of Dunder Mifflin Paper Company could put the sexed-up stars of your average soap opera to shame.

If anything from the show is true to life, it’s the depiction of the complications of office relationships, whether they’re clandestine or out in the open.

Dig out your employee handbook and check your company’s specific policy.

Some may prohibit intra-office dating entirely, while others only forbid relationships between managers and direct reports.

“Over the next years, you’re going to see workplace romances increasing,” Heathfield says.

“I think it’s because in this particular era, people don’t do the centralized socializing outside of work that they might have done in past years.”If you’ve struck up a romance with the new hire down the hall, here’s what to know to keep your career intact.

Does anyone know of any restrictions or HR related issues associated with having a romantic relationship in the workplace?

I'm not sure if it matters, but I (and the two coworkers in question) are in a Bureau in DOI.

Some companies may actually insist on a relationship contract, or a signed statement that you’re in a consensual relationship, which safeguards the company from any claims of unchecked sexual harassment or inappropriate behavior.

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