Creating a dating website with joomla 100 free c2c online chat

You will have to start by opening a hosting account and choosing a name for your website: Before you get Joomla, there are two important tasks to complete: You can do either first.

Most people go directly to buying a web hosting plan.

You can try one of the following: Check all of the above. Once you purchase or freely download a template, it would show up as a zip file on your computer.

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It might be necessary if the template doesn’t have one. The navigate to “Menu Items” on the left-hand side again.

This should take you to the window that allows you to change the text on the menu.

Make sure the name you chose isn’t similar to another website already online. Carefully choose the site name and register it with the web host.

You should register the domain for at least 10 years. But first, you need to get the Joomla client installed on your computer. Check them and make sure your computer and server meet the minimum requirements.

If you are looking for our free designs go to the free joomlate templates page.

If you don’t want to read the whole article, here are all steps you need to follow: All this shouldn’t take more than 20-30 minutes and it’s really easy with no programming skills needed.It has to be easy for users to remember and easy enough to type.So avoid complicated names and don’t include symbols or numbers in the address either.Once you have chosen a type of package and a provider, go ahead and open an account. Pro Tip: Choose a web host that offers 1-click install for Joomla, like Bluehost.This would make your life much easier when it comes to setting up your website.The more control you have, the more you can make it look unique. You have to click “publish” to actually make the new web page available. Obviously, you need to assign web pages as items in the menu.

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