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I mean, is this new person really going to understand all your private jokes that your other Facebook friends already know comes with the territory of knowing you? So when should you make the jump from having something IRL to having something online? According to the survey, 42 percent of respondents either friended their date or followed them on some other social media platform immediately after the first date.

As in, probably just seconds after saying goodbye and parting ways.

There’s a few reasons behind this, according to a study published in the Journal of Cyberpsychology, Behavior and Social Networking.

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Don't panic – unlike other dating apps, your crush isn't notified of your interest straight away.

In fact, it's rather more convoluted, even compared to dating apps like Tinder.

I’m all for checking someone out online before a first date to see what their story is and to make sure they are who they say they are, but sending them a friend request prior to a first date?! But, despite that, 26 percent of those surveyed took this route.

In contrast, 32 percent, a happy median between 42 and 26, waited at least a month or even longer, before friending or following the person they were dating.

If they mark you down as a Secret Crush too, Facebook will play matchmaker.

However, with a string of privacy concerns hounding Facebook at every turn, should we really be letting them know who among our friends has taken our fancy?Whats Your Price, which is pretty much a dating auction where members to bid and pay for first dates with other users, surveyed over 14,000 of their members to see if the length and success of their last relationship was somehow correlated to how soon they friended the person they were dating on Facebook.What it found was that 42 percent of respondents who had immediately friended someone after a first date, ended up dating that person for less than a month.As for those who saw something more long-term, that percentage was 18 percent.Although a bit surprising, it’s those who friend someone “immediately” after a first date who may mess things up with their impatience.Because that’s the case, it brings up a very important question: when is the right time to Facebook friend someone you’re dating?

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