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Everything is not as simple as you may think in case of dating an Armenian.When dating an Armenian woman or man you may face myriad of challenges related to the unique Armenian mentality. To make things easier, we’ve come up with several ideas and some important lessons for those on the hunt for a long-term relationship with an Armenian man or woman.As the saying goes, actions speak louder than words.

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In many ways, a first date is like a job interview, because in both cases you try to show off your best qualities and skills, appear confident, show how enthusiastic or interested you are and finally persuade that you are a good fit.

If you are looking forward to having a second “interview” with your Armenian boyfriend and be “hired” by his family you should have the following qualities. If yes, then get ready for your first Armenian date.

Don’t complain about having a lot of guests at your place which can cause headaches for you.

Instead, be the perfect hostess when your husband’s friends unexpectedly enter your house at 12 a.m., even when you are in your pajamas ready for bed.

So, you don’t need to have a lot of money to keep your girlfriend happy.

Just show how much you care about her by sending her a love letter, organizing a picnic or candlelit dinner on the rooftop.

In fact, it is already “bad” that their daughter is going out with a foreigner, as Armenians are a bit conservative when it comes to international marriages. If you show how much you know about Armenia, Armenian history, culture, politics, sports, dishes and confess you have never seen such a clever and extraordinary nation as Armenians are, you will persuade your future in-laws that you are a good fit for their daughter. But most importantly, if you show that you have serious intentions and how much you love and care about their daughter, you will receive their blessings. Now it’s time to get ready for your big fat Armenian wedding.

Want to have a long-lasting relationship with your Armenian soul mate?

Behind every Armenian man is not only a great woman, but his mother, father, brother, sister, uncle, nephew, godfather and best friend too.

This very description will allow you to understand how family-oriented Armenian men are.

Dating and relationships are not the easiest things in the world.

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