Dating during a legal separation

Money spent on dating may be considered dissipation of marital funds.

Questions about the nature and duration of the relationship, including whether you have spent any marital funds on him or her, are often unwelcome and stressful for the significant other and you.

If you have minor children, it important to consult with your attorney before introducing a romantic partner to your children prior to the finalization for your divorce.

Whether and how you proceed can have a significant impact on your custody case and can significantly complicate it.

And remember, your dating life will resume soon enough….what’s the rush?

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This means that even though your romantic life has ended with your spouse, your private life and personal relationships may remain a relevant topic of inquiry by your spouse and/or the Court.

Depending on the tenor of your divorce proceedings, your spouse may try to make your romantic partner a witness in your case, which includes subpoenaing your romantic partner to come to court and testify as to nature and duration of the relationship.

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However, it whether your relationship begins before or after separation it is still considered adultery if your divorce is not yet finalized, and your spouse could still seek a divorce based on adultery.

When this occurs, your spouse also has the right to seek information about your romantic relationship and present the court with evidence of adultery.

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