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There is a reason why there are so few photos of Lucy Liu and her boyfriend Noam Gottesman — 24/7 security.The “Elementary” actress has been dating the Israeli-American hedge-fund billionaire for almost four years. “And he has Israeli bodyguards follow her around,” one source told me.With an art collection that includes works by Andy Warhol, Francis Bacon and Lucian Freud, Gottesman is said to be helping Liu with her career as an artist.

Marek Muller has: Played April Showers in "Iowa City Shorts" in 2003. Played Gary (segment "Tameme") in "Flames: The Movie" in 1997. Cali Garcia has: Played herself in "Babestation" in 2002. Played Voice of the Phone Box in "Sketch Work TV" in 2011.

Performed in "Urgente (Um Namorado Para Sheila)" in 1959. To see more projects she has been working on lately, follow the related link below: Marlyn Monk has: Performed in "Kraft Television Theatre" in 1947. Performed in "The Philco Television Playhouse" in 1948. Played Party Guest in "Ang TV Movie: The Adarna Adventure" in 1996. Played herself in "Red Light Central TV 1" in 2010. Emma Heasman has: Played Mother in "Sketch Work TV" in 2011.

Reede Fox has: Played herself in "Babestation" in 2002.

Donald Cowper has: Played Various in "Second City TV" in 1976.

Gottesman invested in the record company of Lyor Cohen, the former Warner Music chief, and lives near him on Jane Street, where Gottesman bought an old factory for $34 million and tore it down to build a 12,000-square-foot mansion.

He also owns an estate in Hampshire, England, where he’s reportedly hosted the likes of Beyoncé and Jay Z. "I've had the viewpoint, 'You don't need money to survive.We can all just help each other out,'" he said, when discussing turning down plum roles in Hollywood, such as Batman in Christopher Nolan's hugely successful films. I thought there was something to that notion, though, especially for actors and creative people. Gabrielle Loren has: Played Herself - Host in "LA Exclusive TV" in 2011. Played Party Guest in "Ang TV Movie: The Adarna Adventure" in… Vladislav Aleksandrov has: Played himself in "Premiya Muz-TV 2003" in 2003.

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