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They helped me get my visa, flights to/from Miami, and all transfers organized. While there, I was presented with the best prices for my Cuba excursion. I like this office for its excellent customer service and great atmosphere.

They also helped us prepare a packed itinerary with excursions, shows, and the best restaurants to maximize our time and budget. Read more OMG – On-Cuba should also be labeled as the Match-Maker Travel Company on one of those dating sites because they made me fall in love with Cuba. The tourist visa was supposed to be done by the cruise line. Here you can buy your visa to visit Cuba, but also book hotels or private houses, flights and guided tours.

The team at On Cuba Travel planned the perfect custom program for us! Everyone there is warm, friendly and helpful, giving tips to make your trip really special.

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Every night Tito goes to La Rampa to “hunt for chicks with my cellphone,” he says.

In his profile photo he wears a tight T-shirt and a thick gold chain around his neck.

My plan was to visit Cuba as a tourist and I came away as wanting to be a Travel Partner with On-Cuba. At the last minute, they advised me I needed a special visa because I was born in Cuba. I recommend the Cigar Tour 100%Great customer service! Last November 2017, I went to Cuba with my parents which isn’t easy being that my mother is Cuban born.

From soup to nuts they were professional the whole way. This is a great company with excellent customer service, very helpful, professional, efficient, and personalized. Just getting her on the plane required a H11 visa, a tiny piece of paper that requires a Cuban background check to allow Cuban born people to enter the country.

In its interface, translated into 24 languages ​​and available in 196 countries, you only need to take a quick look to select or remove a candidate.

Tinder was chosen as 2014 App of the Year at the Enter. At that time it was estimated it already had more than 50 million users.

Yaima was very helpful and wonderful in organizing our excursions.

She was diligent and made sure all our concerns were addressed and that our trip was in line with our visa requirements.

Yaima Paez held my hand through the entire process of gathering paperwork, assembling and… He was genuine, helpful, friendly, and SO knowledgeable.

We spent 7 and half hours with him and it just flew by.

If the woman does the same with his photo, then they can begin to interact.

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