Dating more successful women

Plus, those events are loud and filled with loads of testosterone!

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While a girl will usually feel special and exclusive when she gets to meet the “boys,” that only applies once you’ve been dating her for a while.

Tell her how important your friends are to you early on, but don’t treat her like one of the guys by turning your date into a boys’ night plus one.

Before you begin trying to explain why that’s not true, consider this: even though you might like to go shopping, you wouldn’t appreciate a girl asking you out on a date to the mall right?

While she might reason that “you mentioned on the phone how good you feel when buying a new pair of sneakers,” you would still feel like you’re being dragged along to one of things. Similarly, the same way it would be hard for her to focus on you or get to know you better while distracted by shiny new pumps and colorful dresses, you would not be giving her the attention she deserved while trying to keep track of a game.

[Read: How to have the best movie date ever] #7 To meet the family.

Inviting a new girl you like to a family gathering of any sort should be considered the kiss of death to that relationship’s potential.If you hear crickets when you suggest a date spot or notice an awkward hesitation in her voice, stop while you’re ahead and switch gears… You can usually tell when a woman isn’t into the type of date you’re planning, but some are not so easy to read.Since a girl might genuinely like you, she might be hesitant to seem rude or high maintenance by shutting down your ideas.Since you should be trying to make a standout first impression, always keep her in mind when planning your date.Here are 7 date ideas that are surefire fails: #1 Going for coffee.She will feel like a tag along, which isn’t exactly what you should be going for. I think it’s pretty standard that guys want a girl with whom they can try fun stuff with, especially guy stuff.

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