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And, of course, a very similar bomb landed on my birthday almost seventeen years ago.

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My girlfriend and I consider our official first date to be the night we went to a strip club together.

A friend of mine invited me, I invited her, and the rest..history.

If you find jeans and hoodies attractive, you will have a great dating life here.

And for all the ladies who are into techies, a little piece of advice, the ratio is WAY off down the road at RIT in our favor.

If you're looking for a man who's never met a woman, that's your scene.

Last Thanksgiving when I went to visit a former roommate, she pulled me aside to tell me about a few “holiday grenades” that dropped prior to my arrival.

I chatted with a local writer regarding her mother’s adventures in dating after her father passed away.

She said that her mother started out by meeting men on JDate, an online platform specifically for meeting Jewish singles.

Nancy has met a few people the old-fashioned way—through her golf club.

While these dates have been better, she has experienced her share of heartaches.

Some of the men dominate the conversation with talk of their deceased or ex- wives, or talk excessively about themselves.

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