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) and the “Likes” slow to one every few days, usually from guys who’ve just joined the site. In my experience, about 99% of the guys who look and sound perfect will never contact you.

Do not take it personally, as you have no idea what’s happening in their lives.

One was lovely, one creepy (turns out a friend dated the same guy six years ago) and the third promising guy vanished an hour before we’d planned to meet. To my friends they became Bill #1, Burlington Bill, retired principal Bill, etc.

Me, I’d rather take things slowly, but it would be wonderful to feel loved again, and find a great guy to cook with and travel the world.

Hit send and you’ll be deluged by men desperate to meet you.

I do know, however, that even if you don’t meet your soul mate, your forever guy online, you may still find yourself in a Havana nightclub enjoying electrifying jazz, listening to medieval music in an ancient church, skinny dipping in a frigid river and fielding dinner invitations from other couples.

egyptian women dating events singles men seeking men denver Because single parents may have more responsibilities and different needs than single people without children, the dating scene can be particularly difficult, especially if they want to adhere to their religious values.

As a friend says, it’s just coffee, you’re not getting married!

She also makes sure I let someone know when and where I’m going.

And 99% of the guys who reach out to you won’t interest you.

It may be their horrible photo, the cloying “Hello Beautiful!

They’re not only stubbornly set in their ways (unlike us, of course!

), but you may find yourself dating his kids, grandkids, aging and ailing parents, ex-wives and even ex-girlfriends.

None of us expected to be alone and looking for love in our 60s.

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