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Black and slave become synonymous, and enslaved Africans are subject to harsher and more brutal control than other laborers.

This is believed to be the first autobiographical work written by an enslaved African living in British North America.

On March 5, Crispus Attucks, an escaped slave of African and Native American ancestry, becomes the first Colonial resident to die for American independence when he is killed by the British in the Boston Massacre.

An expedition to Hispaniola led by John Hawkins, the first English slave trader, sparks English interest in that activity.

Hawkins' travels also call attention to Sierra Leone.

This is the first example of educational efforts in Colonial North America which are directed toward persons of African descent.

Dutch colonists transfer some of their landholdings in New Amsterdam to their former enslaved Africans as compensation for their support in battles with Native Americans.

An enslaved African is forbidden to leave the plantation without a pass, and never on Sunday.

An enslaved African may not possess weapons or signaling mechanisms such as horns or whistles.

During the New York Slave Conspiracy Trials, New York City officials execute 34 people for planning to burn down the town.

Thirteen African American men are burned at the stake and another 17 black men, two white men and two white women are hanged.

Hawkins is knighted in 1588 for his service in England's victory over the Spanish Armada.

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