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If the user hasn’t published photos of themselves then they should have at least been tagged by someone else.

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But the FTC warns consumers that it’s a mistake to assume that all toll-free numbers that pop up in a search are legitimate customer service lines.

Then you may do what seems like the next best thing and just type the company name into a search engine.

I’m not saying that there aren’t fun loving individuals out there, but most people have a wide range of emotions that show up on their profile.

Anybody who has a single emotion is not a real human.

With the little information provided in the profile below, it’s not a surprise that mostly men approved this fake girl’s friend request.

If the user is just a typical girl or guy next door, it’s more likely you’ll friend them.

But what if the most recent friend request you got isn’t actually from someone real?

This is definitely a legitimate problem, but fortunately it’s nowhere near as big as what My Space was like, where just about every friend request you got was fake — or at least that was the case a couple years ago.

So, check out the seven signs below to see whether the person you just heard from on Facebook — or any other social media site — is a fake.

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