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A new credit inquiry hits your credit report when you apply for a new consolidation loan.Usually, a new credit inquiry pulls down credit score by 5 points.

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The utilization ratio drops to zero and your score goes up.

It depends on your specific profile like: Your credit score can increase by 100 points in the following scenario: You have a 95% utilization ratio.

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Credit card debt consolidation gives a new financial life to a nation grappling with $15,983 credit card debt. When credit card debt consolidation drops your utilization ratio, your credit score increases.

It helps consumers to pay back their creditors and boost nation’s economy. Usually, lowered utilization on your credit cards is more important than other factors affecting the credit score.

But how does this debt relief option affect our credit score? Credit-utilization ratio makes 30% of your credit score.

A high utilization ratio is bad for your credit score.

Different types of factors go into generating a credit score.

A slight change can make a big difference in your score. With this point in mind, a credit card consolidation program helps to boost the credit score.

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