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Laura for her work as a whole, and her influence in his family’s life as they move forward from such tragedy.Click here to listen - Fm Lhwu HSy Tommy cheated on his wife two years ago and since then, they have been separated so that they may ‘work’ on themselves’. Laura dispels all the psychobabble and sets Tommy straight on what he needs to do to get his family back!

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Click here to listen - C OLh Aolngu Cherise and her husband are on the physically and emotionally difficult journey of fertility treatments and Cherise hopes Dr. Click here to listen - Kristen has awful anxiety when she is around a select handful of friends and family, and she hopes Dr.

Laura can rid her of this negative response to people in her life.

Megan has strong opinions about their marriage and dynamic but is it any of her business?

Click here to listen - Np J R8rnw VT Neve is a college senior and after listening to Dr.

Laura she has COMPLETELY reconsidered her values regarding sex and especially sex before marriage.

Click here to listen - Zm EMOQ Jack and his wife unexpectedly lost a child and he wants to express his gratitude to Dr.

Click here to listen - Rmz7 T2hye Hf5i Vivian is traveling 1000 miles to help move her father into a facility because of his ailing health.

She is hesitant about the trip because she has lingering anger towards her mother for moving so far away from family.

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