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His family were completely against their relationship and wanted him to marry a cousin from the same village they were from in Iraq.I think in the end (this was some decades ago) the family accepted that as a second generation Australian that they weren't going to be able to force their customs on him forever and that each successive generation would become slightly less "Duze" over time."Since that moment, I am a different woman, stronger and more powerful," she says in an attempt to explain the difference before her conversion and afterwards. "I love to light Shabbat candles," she says as she arranges the candlesticks. "And before Chanukah I'm planning to light candles and make donuts, although my Spinjes [Moroccan deep fried dough] are really tasty." Prays to G-d (Illustration: Shutterstock) S., a young woman in her 30’s, finished a few months ago her conversion process that began five years ago, and since then she conducts herself and lives as a Jew in every respect.

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It has been difficult and very challenging, but I know she is worth it.

I was wondering if there was anyone else out there in a similar situation as myself?

They kept asking me questions all the time to see if I'm real.

They asked me, for example, what blessings I recite, and which commandments I know and fulfill. There are people who despair of the process, perhaps because they are put off by the difficulty, but I went all the way, and I didn’t give up.

"I believe in the religion of Moses and Judaism — and that it is the true religion.

I have been dating someone who I have grown to love so dearly over the past three years.

It does not affect me in my life, because we do not live close, and I live my life. " How did you feel, for example, during the Protective Edge Operation? They do not know that these guys are not serious about them, or interested in marrying them, but just to have some fun.

Soon after she falls in his net, the guy starts to abuse her. I’ve spoken to such girls to explain the situation to them, and hope it will help." What is your message to people?

I do not understand how they could miss out on this commandment!

" Five years before Shabbat candles shone in her home and the challahs decorated her table, S.

"They suspected that I converted, there were all kinds of rumors in the air, and they asked if I converted, but I didn’t tell them. She speaks sharply against the phenomenon: "Arab guys want to take revenge of the Jewish people, so they go after Jewish girls.

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