Flat girls dating site tips for dating a single mother

When it comes to talking to girls on Tinder, I am wary of giving you “lines” because then you may find yourself stuck in a script that isn’t congruent with you. By following a script, you won’t be yourself and that will make it hard to stay congruent. Sometimes while being the Jamesest James that you can be (being congruent), you will reveal some quality or interest about you that doesn’t jibe with her and she will not be attracted to you anymore. That way, you will say whatever comes natural to you and ensure you get the perfect girlfriend who suits you best. I used my Tinder opener, “you’re a cutie.” She said, “Thank you! When asking a girl out on a date, you should show that you are a normal human and you have taken an interest in her humanity as well. My THOUGHTS that she wanted to hang out needed to be conveyed by my WORDS and my ACTIONS. Her profile might say she’s a sweet homebody when really she’s a total club skank.

Your mindset is your biggest asset when it comes to Tinder. This is probably one of the most important Tinder lessons that almost all guys overlook. Unless they are retarded at camera angles, even very nasty girls will trick the majority of men into swiping right. Let’s take a minute to consider at the alternative: NOT assuming attraction. Because confidence is the absence of uncertainty, you will appear not confident, which is cowardly. I’m still talking about confidence because I do not want to tell you WHAT to say. I think it’s time to show you some examples of how I employed the strategy of being direct, confident, congruent, and assuming attraction to get a date on Tinder in 9 messages flat. As opposed to being a Tinder tool and spitting something idiotic like, “You’re hot, let’s bang.” I took her job as a teacher and told her I liked it and why. Most guys these days are such pushover pussies they can’t decide if they want onions on a burger. This conversation at its core is the same thing as the last conversation. I can’t possibly know ANYTHING about who she is as a person. Since I believed she wanted to hang out, I said something about how we could have hung out earlier if only we had chatted sooner. Because I KNEW she wanted to hang out already, I went ahead and was very DIRECT with offering to have lunch with her. There was “action” at the end of each of these dates and there were follow up dates as well (Notice the time stamps of when I talked to each girl. ) What you aren’t seeing is all of the unresponsive girls who didn’t care to entertain my opener. I never let unresponsive girls make me question my opener. If a girl is interested, it doesn’t matter a lot you first say as long as you aren’t a creep.

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lol in regards to the original question, people shouldn't change themselves to try to please anyone else. lol in regards to the original question, people shouldn't change themselves to try to please anyone else. Gawkers don't cause traffic accidents when you walk down the street.

They don't stick out if you are the last one in the elevator.

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I’m excited for the new stuff we’re going to cover today.

In my last letter I explained exactly how to start a Tinder conversation and make the girls do all the work with one SIMPLE opener.

Without sending tons of worthless messages or even getting a girl’s number!

And I will show you screenshots of EXACTLY how to do it. The beauty of all my lessons is how they build on each other. The reason your experiences have been poor are because you have not been acting direct, confident, and congruent. THE best guide out there to learn how to attract women without changing ANYTHING about yourself is Models by Mark Manson.

I don’t want to play that “I dunno, what do you want to do? I’ll also joke and hint at us hanging out to gauge where you stand on these ideas.” Lame. Quit reading the garbage people post online for clicks.

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