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Once you’ve given us your PAC or STAC, we’ll complete your switch to Sky Mobile within one working day, provided you give it to us before 5pm Monday to Friday.

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Nairaland Forum / Nairaland / General / Family / Husbands With Security Locks On Their Phones (30916 Views) How Many Ladies Can Act Like This Lady If They Catch Their Husbands Cheating?

/ Husbands With The "INVESTMENT" Slogan / Husbands With " Honey Have You Seen : " Syndrome (2) (3) (4) i just noticed most married men lock their phones with a security my hubby wrong not to use security locks?

Your services with your existing provider will end on the same day as you used your PAC or STAC. Sign in to your account and select the phone you want to upgrade from2.

Whatever your contract length, swap your phone anytime after your first 31 days with Sky Mobile and upgrade to a brand new one from our great range. Tell us about the condition of your current phone & choose a new one3.

Sky Mobile rolls any data you have leftover at the end of the month into your Sky Piggybank.

It’s yours to keep for 3 years to use when you need it most, or you can exchange it for a range of discounts on phones, tablets and accessories.Once you've got your new phone, send your old one back to us within 14 days Your phone is yours to keep and you don’t have to send it back to us. The more you save, the greater the total value of the rewards available to you.You can choose a brand new phone and keep your old one too. Meanwhile, everybody has right 4 his or her privacy, we dont have to be suspicious, it is breach of trust, i, personally dont touch my man's phone unless i run out of credit and i want to use his own phone to call.Let us respect and trust ourselves, why im saying this is dt, some pple are checking their partner's phone because of their suspicion.It just doesnt make sense to me why a man should have a security lock on his phone to prevent his wife from having access to the content of the phone(he definitely has something to hide)Frankly,it's not right for a man to lock his phone(and if he has to for other reasons,his wife should know the unlock code)k2039: Whats the point of being in a relationship with someone you don't trust?

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