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Once I realized I had a webcam already in every room of my house because of the laptops, I figured there had to be an i Pad/i Phone app that would let me wirelessly stream a live webcam feed. After going through about 6 or 7 apps, I ended up sticking with 3 apps that work pretty well. In this article, I’ll go through the three apps I tested and verified that work well in streaming a live feed of your webcam to your i Pad or i Phone over Wi Fi.

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Start World Scope app and search for cameras which have Streaming video capability. tiny Cam Monitor does not collect or send us or 3d parties any personal information.

tiny Cam Monitor will be automatically used for live view, record and import webcams.

For Linux we support Motion, MJPG-streamer, Zone Minder.

For Android - IP Webcam (recommended), Cam'ON - Cloud IP Camera (recommended), FRITZ!

Then you can use tiny Cam Monitor on another Android device for monitoring video. If you know the full stream request, create a new camera in tiny Cam Monitor using vendor name "(Generic)".

In the text field "JPEG/MJPEG/RTSP request" enter rtsp://

Just give your camera a i Cam Login and i Cam password and click the Start button. Now go to the app on your i Phone or i Pad and it will automatically find the source camera as long as it’s on the same network.

The i Pad version of the app is also designed to use the bigger screen real estate, so that’s a plus.

Overall, the process was easy to setup, but I was not happy with the quality of the video.

For some reason, the video was very choppy and also pixelated.

You should be able to see live video on your Android device.

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