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Since Catholicism has a strong grip on the open mindedness and understanding this city is capable of, this seems incredibly unlikely.

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Even if they are not vocal, most are quietly thinking negative things.

You can regularly expect casual homophobic comments. I say all of this because it is an epidemic and needs to be addressed publicly.

There was a local controversy several years ago when a gay couple kissed inside of a Chico's Tacos and were subsequently kicked out. I work at a gay bar on the weekends, and I have to say that El Paso has a very welcoming atmosphere toward gay individuals.

Many El Pasoans rebuked that decision and there was an overwhelming amount of public support for the couple. Our former chief of police came out as gay, which made things wonderful for the community.

This past world cup, I am not sure if you are aware, but the Mexican soccer team was chanting "puto" whenever the opposing team was about to shoot a free kick.

"Puto" is akin to "faggot", and the coach, Mexican people, and El Pasoans all thought there was nothing wrong with it.

I can only speak as an outsider as I am not gay or bisexual.

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