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Alternately, you can use our web chat client, found by following the "Chat now! Anthrochat uses an IRC server software called "Unreal IRCd".

Once you have one of those, you configure it to connect to irc.

Available ports are: 6667, 7000, 7667, 6601 (SSL), and 6697 (SSL).

The network was created with freedom of speech in mind- a network where you are free to speak your mind without fearing the system administration's response.

Users are encouraged to learn and utilize the tools existing in their own willpower, their IRC clients, the IRC servers, and the IRC Services bots to manage their interactions with other users.

Bots appear as regular users who are connected to the network, but the bots provided by Anope have elevated privileges that allow them to perform their duties.

The names of the services bots are: Nick Serv, Chan Serv, Memo Serv, Bot Serv, Host Serv, and Oper Serv.In general, most channels are open to exploration, but results may vary.For instance, some may require you to have a registered nickname and to be Identified with Nick Serv to join. Extra information can be gathered for each channel by using Chan Serv's INFO command ( command, noting that channel names start with a number symbol (#) You may also create your own channel by joining one that doesn't yet exist.You can communicate with the services bots by sending them commands via private messages.For instance, to access Nick Serv's help system, command to nickserv with your e-mail address and the password you'd like to use.A good introduction to IRC, in general, can be found on IRCHelp.org's IRC prelude.

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