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Or, maybe it’s not you or anything to do with destiny. they just aren’t good at relationships, all the “good” ones are taken, and they totally have the “upper hand” when it comes to dating anyway, right?

So it’s not YOUR fault – you’re single because great men don’t need to get married anymore (they can get all the sex and attention they want from women without making a big commitment)…

The techniques of Vedic astrology are far more complicated than those of Western astrology.

(I’m not being an astrology snob here – even a Western astrologer would tell you that!

So they come to me hoping I’ll be able to tell them that – and his name and phone number, too!

(I’d be living on a private tropical island if I could do that!

This year our family participated once again in the Jr Ranger program.

Our kids helped me write a song after watching Paul Bunyan.And that it’s NOT that men don’t want to get married and that they’re all not worth marrying, anyway… ) What if I told you there’s something else going on – something in the stars?And that if you only knew what this “something else” was, you’d have the right understanding that would lead to a powerful healing of your heart, and allow you to be able to apply the right strategy to alter your love life forever…It takes MULTIPLE astrological indicators in your chart for an archetype to be having a big affect on your love life…I’m a Vedic astrologer, which is the system of astrology of ancient India.As an astrologer, there are a few ways I can see your predetermined nature.

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