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1930s Horsman Rosebud Doll, various sizes to 20" tall, composition swivel shoulder plate head, jointed at the shoulder, with tied on legs, cloth stuffed body with crier, sleep eyes, open mouth with four upper teeth, dimples, mohair wig.

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From 1909 the toy firm used a new production process to make the 'Can't break Em' dolls.

In the 1930s Horsman bought the Louis Amberg & Son doll company which was their competitor at the time and continued to make some of their dolls, notably the Vanta Baby.

1911-1912 American Kids in Toyland dolls, 1909 Horsman Billiken doll, 12" tall, "Can't Break Em" composition character head on plush body, marked with a cloth label. The Horsman Baby Bumps Jr doll, (looks similar to Kestner's mold number 211) was the smallest size at 9", Big Baby Bumps doll the largest at 18", in 1916 Sandy Bumps doll and Mandy Bumps doll, that came with a shovel & pail.1910-1928 Horsman Campbell Kid doll, 9 1/2-16" tall, based on artist Grace Gebbie Wiederseim Drayton illustrations, sculpted and designed by Helen Trowbridge. Little Nemo is a comic character created by Windsor Mc Cay for the New York Herald on October 15, 1905. He was one of the original American Kids in Toyland series. Heads are marked with the manufacturer's marking, some plus a Horsman mark, too. 1924 Horsman Bunny Tots dolls, 6" tall, all bisque, one piece doll with sculpted bunny hood and pink lined bunny ears, a blond tuft of hair at the forehead, painted side glancing eyes, closed pouty mouth and painted purple shoes and white socks.

It's believed that 200,000 of these dolls were sold in the first six months of production and was a major success for Horsman. Early dolls have a composition head, cloth stuffed with cork body, jointed at arms and hips, most have side glancing, black painted eyes shaped like a heart on it's side, dolls are unmarked. 1911 Horsman Cotton Joe doll, character dolls, 10 or 14" tall, "Can't Break Em" composition brown head with painted features, hard stuffed cloth tan body, olive cloth legs, doll marked: E. 1911 Horsman Puppy Pippin doll & Horsman Pussy Pippin doll, 8" tall, composition head with a plush stuffed body, Grace G. See next doll who is very similar except the heads are made of bisque., heads were made for Horsman first by (1919-1920) Fulper Pottery, then (1920-1921) Nippon a Japan manufacturer. Johann Martin Stangl's (MS) initials are sometimes above the Fulper vertical marking Made in USA., some mold numbers used are: H 1, H 4, 2 B and others. Horsman & Aetna Doll Co.1921 Horsman Jackie Coogan doll, 14" tall, composition and cloth, Jackie was a child actor from the Charlie Chaplin film "The Kid" in 1921, there were two dolls; the first one used a generic molded doll head that was used on many other dolls, then a second head was sculpted specifically for the doll by Helen Trowbridge with a likeness of the child actor and wore a pageboy wig.

In October 1933 Horsman was purchased and became a subsidiary of the Regal Doll Manufacturing Company.

By the 1980's the Horsman name was sold to an Asian company and produced dolls under the name 'Horsman Ltd.'. Some Horsman doll markings: I Have recently purchased a doll on e Bay that was advertised as a Horsman doll.

In the early years Horsman imported dolls from outside the USA, starting in 1904 they distributed "Babyland Rag Dolls" made of all cloth created by Albert Bruckner.

Horsman) opened a toy company in New York City, New York in 1865 and became a leader in the toy industry.

Authored By: Don Jensen This is the first book on the market to tell the fascinating Horsman story, Partly history and partly an intriguing tale of an ambitious entrepreneur and his son.

It is the ultimate reference for Horsman doll collectors, with descriptive listing and over 400 full-colored photographs, vintage catalog pages, and advertising pictures of commonly found and remarkably rare dolls.

26" tall, open mouth, dimples, cloth body and upper legs, rest plastic/bisque?

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