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This is a feminine name of French origin that essentially describes Christmas day, i.e.the birth of the lord, or the days before and after Christmas.

Buddy is a masculine name for a pet that will prove its worth to you as a trusted companion that will provide unending support and love to its owner. The literal meaning of Arnie is “powerful eagle”, which is an ideal way to describe the immense power that a Pitbull always has at his disposal.

In addition to that, the association of the eagle to the personality of your Pitbull will be evident in his sharp and alert eye as well as his good hunting instincts.

The name has Latin roots and has great significance in Roman mythology.

According to a Roman myth, Luna represented the moon.

Adding a furry new family member to your life is an exciting milestone in itself, and it is even more enjoyable when you take in a pitbull.

For your protective and affectionate new pet, you would need a perfect Pitbull name to go with its personality.Connections are drawn between these titles and your Pitbull’s personality or looks, which make these names even more significant.Starting with male Pitbulls, let’s see how these names come to life when allotted to our favorite pooches.These include the receptiveness of your pet to its name, the ease of pronunciation of the name, and its distinctiveness from other names around the house or from other commands that will be taught to your dog.In addition to that, you might want to give your pet a title that is unheard of or is at least rare amongst dogs of this breed.After the famous movie and comic character from Batman, Harley Quinn.

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