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They had met on the set of the movie, Mission: Impossible – Fallout and a few months later, the fans were super confused when the actor was seen flirting with the singer, Demi Lovato.Marisa Gonzalo is all of a sudden Henry Cavill’s girlfriend and photos of the new couple are mysteriously popping up in very mysterious ways! For those of you who don’t know, Henry Cavill recently split with his long-time MMA girlfriend, Gina Carano. Henry Cavill has decided to [directly or indirectly] mess with his fans by dating a 21-year-old animal killer who also seems to be famewhore named Marisa Gonzalo.

This girl has dozens of posts on her Instagram and social media about how she enjoys killing squirrels, and pictures of her holding dead deer.

Forget disturbed, this is a whole different level to killing animals that I can’t believe any decent human being would condone – much less DATE.

If you are a big fan of the franchise, Mission: Impossible, then there is a high chance that you have seen the latest movie, Fallout.

After seeing the actor, Henry Cavill sport his Superman suit, we saw him as a regular human being in this movie.

Then again, Henry did date Kaley Cuoco for a hot second last year, and we all know how much of a PR fauxmance that was.

Anyway, it’s odd enough that Henry is dating someone a decade younger than him, and it’s even odder that he’s dating a professed animal killer.

But that’s exactly what Henry is doing – despite being a professed animal lover and working for organizations that help animals, Henry Cavill is dating someone that enjoys killing squirrels and deer and then bragging about it, Marisa Gonzalo.

And even if he was able to look past all that, how do we explain the blatant famewhoring?

That means that he’s genuinely doesn’t give a rat’s ass what his fans think, and that he really is a hypocritical idiot who doesn’t deserve his success.

If he doesn’t know that his girlfriend Marisa Gonzalo is leaking all these pictures behind his back, then he’s just stupid.

She’s clearly taunting Henry’s fans, who are all up in arms about why their idol is dating someone so wrong for him.

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