Is paula creamer dating tiger woods

He claimed he hurt his back in a "freak accident" when he slipped and fell on a set of steps in his rental home in Augusta.

The fall occurred when he was going to move his car before his son returned from daycare. "I was wearing socks," he explained during a press conference.

A year later it still hadn't happened, but Johnson they hinted it might happen "later this year." By 2018, they still hadn't taken the plunge, despite a fresh round of high-profile PDA, having two children together, and having dated since 2012.

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He's frequently compared to Tiger Woods, and not just in the good way.

From a startlingly troubled youth, to rumored tour suspensions due to drug use, to alleged infidelities, Johnson's life hasn't exactly been a hole-in-one.

Alli denied anything happened, telling the publication, "I ran into an old friend buying baby food for his son at Publix," she shared.

"I wish Paulina, Tatum and Dustin the very best start in their lives together." Dustin Johnson was born June 22, 1984 in Columbia, SC and was good at a lot of sports, including golf, as a kid.

Regarding the alleged 2012 suspension, Johnson's rep issued a denial.

reached out to the PGA for a statement regarding Johnson's 2014 "leave of absence," and they initially refused to comment.

Johnson had reportedly been suspended for marijuana use in 2009.

It turns out while the PGA does test for recreational drug use, and disciplines their players for positive results, they don't make the news public, which sometimes leaves it up to players to make other excuses for their absences.

Dustin Johnson was arrested for drunk driving in his home state of South Carolina in 2009.

He was recorded as having a blood alcohol level of .19 at the time of his arrest, which is over twice the legal limit in that state.

But after his parents split up when he in his teens, he seemed a bit adrift, giving up golf and missing school.

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