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Another lesbian handball couple in the Danish handball world are Danish NT playmaker Kristina Kristiansen who is engaged to pivot Helene Bruhn Sørensen who plays for Silkeborg-Voel KFU currently ranked #2 in the Danish 1st division.Before that she played for Nykøbing Falster and Slagelse FH. My point was that there really isn't that many same-sex couples when you compare it to the long list of heterosexual couples.

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Before Anja and Camillia I don't think the public ever heard of any leasbians in handball, but since then there has been many.

Rikke Skov said in an article recently that Anja and Camilla paved the road for other lesbian players and that there was much bigger focus on it back then than there is now: ...

Of course, there is most likely a good number of relationships that aren't public. In this topic only couples where both partners are in the elite handball world are mentioned.

But there's probably more lesbian couples where the other part doesn't play handball.

For example Rikke Skov and Lotte Kiærskou are in a registred partnership, they have been a together for more than 10 years and have two small children born by the retired Kiærskou. Linn-Kristin Riegelhuth & Einar Sand Koren (both FCK)Madeleine Gustafson (Grundström) & Mathias Gustafson (both in Aalborg)Lukas Karlsson and Ida Bjørndalen (both KIF)Susanne Kastrup and Mads Forslund (both KIF)Gorica Acimovic and Vytautas Ziura (both VHK)Kenneth Sahlholdt (GOG head coach sports director) and Mette Iversen Sahlholdt (GOG and NT keeper).

Lasse Motzkus Boesen (Flensburg Handewitt left back) and Lene Motzkus Boesen (KIF left wing from 1998-2003).

There seems to be an incredible degree of inbreeding in Danish handball.

You have to wonder if the Danish Federation is secretly running a dating scheme to ensure that the best handball genes are optimized to maximize the chances of success in the future.

Jan Pytlick (Danish NT coach) and Berit Bogetoft Pytlick (former GOG back and NT player.)Keld Vilhelmsen (former GOG and NT playmaker) and Gitte Sunesen Vilhelmsen (former GOG and NT keeper)Andreas Toudahl (BSV left wing) and Charlotte Højfeldt (KIF pivot), both are former Viborg players.

Bonus info: Charlotte Højfeldt and Lærke Møller are cousins.

After they broke up Camilla Andersen started dating Signe Pedersen from FCK, they used to play together in FIF long before that.

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