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It was supposed that they have gone on a double date to watch a soccer match. They were seen sitting in the VIP section in side by side, Matsujun's date, Matsujun, some random guy, Kame and then Kame's girl.As most people who were there, are probably hardcore soccer fans, they are not really concern about who were sitting near them except for a few people closest to them.

LOL1) Akanishi Jin2) Masaharu Fukuyama3) Takuya Kimura4) Mocomichi Hayami5) Hyde6) Hiro Mizushima7) Hiroshi Tamaki8) Gackt9) Jun Matsumoto Yu Shirota Woots. Members of the group will even make an appearance as themselves in the mini-drama.

Nakai Masahiro and Koda Kumi had an overnight stay at upscale inn in Yugawara, Kanagawa and Friday magazine caught snaps of the couple.

Kame and Jun seemed very comfortable talking and behaving intimately in an open public space with their dates, enjoying themselves.

However, at about 42 minutes after kickoff, Kame's face appeared on the big screen, to his left you could see a guy wearing a black shirt and on the right was the shoulder of a girl with straight brown hair wearing a black and white striped shirt. Other observers noticed Kame's date resembles the model Rina (who has been linked to Akanishi Jin) and Kame's date.

She's half Japanese, half American so people often mistake similar looking girls for her."This was published in the 26th June 2008 issue of Josei Seven.

I was wondering if there is any picture, please share if you have it!

And it was confirmed she was in Shimoda until about 8 - 9pm and arrived at Tokyo only after midnight.

If she was out with Kamenashi it would be okay (not bad for her image), we would not mind but it was someone else.

Jun's date was said to be very pretty as well so it is highly possible that both of them are in the industry too.

When questioning Rina's agency, they commented, "She was doing a location shoot for Vi Vi in Izu and Shimoda (in Shizuoka) at 7pm.

Though Koda Kumi scored a "cute" grade, she do not really fit in the "do not talk too much" category. It is funny the pictures are all out and Madam Nakai still have no clue about it. It was said he was hoping to have a second chance at getting with announcer Takashima Aya, who rejected him in the past.

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