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She also used her smoky-eye makeup look and bold red lip.

Folks on Simmons’ Instagram page seemingly took her “deep thoughts” post to heart and wondered if she was referring to her friend Miller.

Fans urged both Simmons and Miller to date one another, but Miller told folks last year that they were just really “good friends.” The former child star told Page Six in December that he was holding off from romantically pursuing Simmons out of respect for her deceased ex-fiancé Sutton Tennyson.

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“Growing Up Hip Hop” star Angela Simmons has fans curious as to whether she was alluding to her longtime friend Romeo Miller in a recent post of hers.

Simmons shared a selfie of herself on social media this past weekend with a cryptic caption that read, “Deep thoughts.” The photo of the 31-year-old featured an up-close-and-personal head shot of herself appearing to be in a daze.

“💙🔥 She probably thinking about @romeomiller,” an Instagram user wrote. Simmons and Miller have had a complicated friendship over the last few years.

“I really wish you an Rome would give it a chance at love you thinking about,” another added. The two both have admitted to having romantic feelings for one another in the past but never acting on them.

While the latter has said that she’s decided to focus on raising her son, the romantic tension between her and Miller has captivated fans.

Read on to learn where the reality stars currently stand.

“I appreciate it but really be there if you’re gonna be here. Action means more to me than words nowadays.” She went on to say that she doesn’t have to time to deal with people that are unreliable, and that her biggest concern is raising her son.

“I’m not really concerned about dating anyone right now,” she said.

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