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We bonded by gossiping about the few people we both knew from Orange County — including Nathan, who was still in our hometown at the local community college.

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In terms of male appearance generally, 11.5% show off their chest muscles.

One third of male profile pictures show men with beards, and 13% show males wearing glasses or sunglasses.

And I can admit now that deep down, I knew all along that the shooting stars weren’t really a sign: “There’s going to be a meteor shower this weekend,” our youth pastor had said in the van on the way to the campsite.

Your profile picture is the first thing potential dates see when they browse your online profile and it is therefore important to get it right.

Plus, they said, the sex would be better if you waited, because the bond you’d have with your spouse wouldn’t be watered down from multiple partners.

After graduation, I ended up going to the same San Diego private Christian college as Tori, Nathan’s first girlfriend.Other times, I’d stare at him and look away as soon as he saw me.At church camp that summer, there was some minor drama: One of the girls in the eighth-grade cabin confessed that she liked Nathan, prompting everyone else in the cabin to share that they liked him, too.I tried hard to keep a straight face whenever his name came up, knowing I’d already caught his eye. For the next half-decade, it was Nathan or bust — not only because I was a swoony teen with a crush that wouldn’t die, but because of everything my teenage self knew about what it means to be a woman in a relationship: that waiting is a virtue, that inexperience makes you a worthy spouse, and that forgiveness is expected regardless of the transgression.That’ll happen when the bulk of your education on sex and dating comes from an evangelical church. I stayed in my spot, only going back to bed once I’d counted ten shooting stars.Girls were reminded to dress modestly, to avoid provoking the sin of lust.

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