Marriage and dating in iran

Consequently for the traditional practicing Muslim the only accepted relationship between the sexes may be through marriage or concubines.

Such fashion statements are regarded as womanly and many parents believing in distinct male and female roles and codes of behavior have problems with their sons acting in such manners.

Boys are expected to dress formally with suite and tie for all major occasions and parties unless if they are very young.

However at private all female gatherings even traditional Muslim women may dress sexy and expose body parts.

Amongst more traditional families the way younger generation dresses up could be a source of conflict with the parents.

With the more traditional, female dress codes are modest and a lot more conservative with darker colors and little make up.

With such groups, at mixed gatherings males and females normally end up as clusters on their own if not segregated in the first place.

On the whole Iranians dress up formally even for ordinary parties and dressing up casually is reserved for very informal occasions with immediate members of the family.

Formal dressing for men always included suite and tie, however since the Islamic revolution some Muslims have dropped the tie and identify it as a Western symbol.

Dressing up formally and appropriately is also regarded as a sign of respect and people may get offended if their guests arrive in casual outfits and sneakers.

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