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With a simple Conditional Compilation Directives I had my answer.

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There are two types of recordsets you can use, depending on the type of database you’re using.

This, in turn, is usually determined by the personal preference of the developer who will work with it. The methods to navigate them and read or edit data in both types are nearly identical. Recordsets are an alternative to retrieving data from another file or worksheet.

I started digging, thinking I could easily extract such information from the registry, boy was I wrong there.

With all the variations of Office (MSI, CTR, …, x32, x64, …) it’s a nightmare to navigate!

Note: A recordset pulls data from a file; the file is only open while this action is being executed and is closed afterwards.

The advantage here is that you don’t have to pay attention to the file after retrieving the data you need. as is an outcome of my passion towards the same and I have been into as Keygeek since 2012. Recordset Dim s QRY As String Dim str File Path As String str File Path = “C:\Database Folder\my DB.accdb” rs. Open s QRY, cnn, ad Open Static, ad Lock Read Only Application. Learning anything new has always been my passion and if related to Business and Technology then I love it.What a mess Microsoft has made for developers to have a hope in hell to keep all the registry keys and variations straight.Anyways, I ended up going back to basic, and the answer was Conditional Compilation Directives.In this blog post, we’ll explain how you can save data in a recordset.

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